Malay Escort in Singapore

Malay Escort Service in Singapore

The Malay community in Singapore constitute of 15% of Singapore population being second largest ethinic community In Singapore.  They are the native of Singapore and most Malays in Singapore  include roots from both Malaysia and Indonesia.  Today Singapore Malays are well educated, modern and have changed with the times. 


Our Malay Singapore Escorts are beautiful, well educated, talented and she has that class above the rest of the woman today.  She may be traditional in her ways but she is always able to bring out the best of herself when she meets someone.  For that reason she is known as the High Class Malay Escort in Singapore. 


Belle Donna Luxury Malay Escort Agency in Singapore will be able to connect anyone who would like to meet these beauties.  We assure you that you will not forgot a moment of your time with our Elite Malay Escorts in Singapore.


If you are a business traveller or tourist who want privacylet us arrange our VIP Malay Escorts in Singapore and she will take care of you as she knows how to be discreet.  



As we pride ourselve for being Singapore Best Malay Escorts Agency in Singapore why not arrange these goddess as your companion. 


Zarina (25 yrs old)

Malay Escort

Rena (27 yrs old)

Belle Donna Singapore Malay Escort Company in Singapore will be pleased to answer any questions you may have at any time of the day. 


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